Our history

Not many years have passed since 1999 when our family started making pizzas. We liked them back then, we like them today and we will like them tomorrow. We believe in taste, authenticity, diversity, and perfect taste. Our mantra is one. Everyone is entitled to a delicious, healthy, juicy, and cheesy pizza that simply tastes perfect. Because taste is the right of every person who loves himself.

Family Business

We started as a small family business, like most in Greece with mom and dad being at the steering wheel. Years have passed and now the 2nd generation of the family is leading the company into the future. No matter how much we grow up, we will never cease to remain who we were and remember where we started from. As people that are passionate about taste, family, and human relationships. Because if you think about it, what is family? A nice, warm, delicious hug full of stories, flavors, memories, and dreams. Just like the Great Vegan.

Awards and Certifications

award 2020 superior taste
Vegan check
BM CERT vegan certification